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Liza Evans is an interior designer practicing in the UK, US and EU. She is recognized as one of the “20 Best Interior Designers in Britain” by The Telegraph newspaper.

Liza travels extensively and commutes between design studios in London and San Francisco, and homes in Oxfordshire and the Haute-Savoie region of France. Her exposure to varied cultures and lifestyles around the world has inspired and influenced her design aesthetic. Traces of transatlantic and European styles are clearly visible in her taste and way of life, translating to work that is current, on-trend and international.

Liza’s unique talent is to seamlessly blend modern and traditional interior design, with the principles of Eastern simplicity: utilizing color, light, sumptuous textures and luxurious finishes to create fabulous interiors for her clients. Liza is down to earth which complements her practical, problem-solving approach and creative talent.

Liza grew up in London’s Notting Hill at the time that Terrance Conran was becoming a household name. She was inspired and her lifelong interest in design and beautiful interiors was born. Liza is a graduate of London’s KLC School of Design and a BSc in Acupuncture.



Kim Conning - Director

Kim holds a BSc degree in Interior Design and joined the studio in 2008. She works closely with Liza in leading residential and commercial projects in both the London and San Francisco.

In her previous roles, Kim has designed show homes and refurbished county properties throughout the UK. She has a love of the outdoors and spends her spare time enjoying it with her miniature schnauzer, Maggie.


Anwen Heather Loosley – Senior Designer

Anwen has been with Liza Evans Interior Design since 2014 and is based in San Francisco. She specializes in high-end residential work and her portfolio stretches from California to Europe.

Anwen is a graduate of San Francisco State University and holds a BSc in Interior Design. In her spare time, Anwen is a keen runner and snowboarder, and also performs in a folk rock band. 


Dalila Da Costa - Design Project Coordinator

Dalila is responsible for coordinating the practice's projects in both the UK and US, and is based in the London studio of Liza Evans Interior Design.

Dalila holds a BA in History from Coimbra University in her native Portugal. She developed the organizational and management skills that needed for design projects in her former career as a teacher. The buzz of London is a big inspiration for Dalila and fuels her interest in culture.