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How To Be Lucky

Are you Lucky or Unlucky? I recently watched a discussion on TV about people being either “lucky” or “unlucky”. I prefer the Chinese approach to luck in which there are three sources of luck that influence and determine our quality of life, and to a large extent, we can influence our luck ourselves. Let me explain.

Heaven, Earth, Humankind luck according to Chinese metaphysics, our destiny is based on three types of luck. ‘Heaven Luck’ is determined at birth and relates to the hour, day, month and year of our birth.

Then there is ‘Earth Luck’  – which is Feng Shui, and this can offer us guidance over where we live, sleep, work, etc. It’s a specific way of tapping into the earth’s energy to harness good “chi” (positive energy). So we have control over ‘Earth Luck’.

Thirdly, there is ‘Humankind Luck’ – the luck we create for ourselves through our actions, attitudes, and minds. This is known as the practice of Inner Feng Shui. What excites me is that we can all learn and develop our earth luck and humankind luck as we travel through life and what’s more you can do it literally anytime, anywhere.

The best way to develop our human and earth luck is by practicing being aware of ourselves and our surroundings. How we treat each other does matter because we get back what we put out. In other words, behavior breeds behavior. A willingness to slow down a little and give yourself time to notice your inner reactions to events, other people, the layout of a room – indeed anything – can also be useful. Our gut reactions are marvelous: they are truthful and can guide you in making the right decisions. But when we are busy, busy, busy we stay in our heads and are not able to give our inner wisdom a chance to surface, so we allow our heads to overrule things. This is not about being nice to people for the sake of it, it is about respecting yourself and respecting others.

If you are interested in developing your humankind luck you can start by giving yourself 10-15 minutes every day, to sit quietly. Don’t use the time to problem solve, just sit quietly, letting your thoughts drift in and out as you breathe, noticing your body and noting what thoughts come up for you. Be patient and be kind to yourself. Building your inner wisdom muscle just takes practice so keep at it – it will be worth it! 

By the way, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the human life force (breath), like the energy in an environment, is called chi! 

Also, if you have time check out this clip from the BBC on luck

Liza Evans is a British interior designer based in San Francisco. Her specialty is to stimulate a sensory experience through an exploration of Feng Shui, Color, forms, materials and connecting people with nature.