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A House Is Not​ a Home

As an old song goes, A house is not a home. And its true. The Ideal House Exhibition just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? You only have to visit a show-house to recognize there’s a difference between a house and anactual home. I’m acutely aware of my responsibilities as an interior designer. If a client wants a complete makeover I spend time getting to know them, to understandtheir motivations and desires, to discover how we can work together, and get tothe heart of the matter.

There’s No Place Like Home
Home is where we live: where we eat, sleep, laugh, cry, work and dream. It’s where we can be ourselves and let down our guard. It’s where we rest and replenish our physical and mental selves and prepare for our foundation and launching padto the outside world. As I write, I’m reminded of Roy Schneider playing BobFosse in All That Jazz. After his morning ablutions, he would check himself inthe mirror and when he was ready to face the world, he said, Show Time.
A Reflection Of Your Identity
Occasionally people buy a property and all its contents and just move in. They avoid the hassle of home decorating, but they miss a real opportunity to crafta home that meets their needs on all levels. Winston Churchill said, “We shape our homes, and then they shape us”. A Show Home is a show house, designed to show you what is possible in a property – itlacks the imprint of personalities and people living there, interacting with each other and interacting with the space. For most of us, our homes evolve; growing and contracting to meet our needs asour lives ebb and flow; they are the outward expression of our inner being. Home can be a place where you grow spiritually and achieve your potential. Your home is a mirror of your subconscious desires, hopes, dreams and fears andit reveals your beliefs and decisions about yourself and the world. You are taking responsibility by identifying what you are determined to have in your life, and creating a home that supports your needs and aspirations and will bring you closer to your goals. Carl Jung said, “Everything in the unconscious seeks an outwards manifestation”.
Discover your subconscious dreams and fears by looking around your home. Our identities are implanted in our homes. The style, possession, colours, everything there expresses some aspect of us, some aspectof you. Our experiences are the context, framework and structure of our lives. We bring our past experiences into the present with the symbols that we surround ourselves with. Our interpretation of our history is revealed in photographs and possessions. The things in your home affect you because they are a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. They shape and reinforce your identity (positively or negatively) revealing aspects or your inner world helping you to integrate and unify these realms. We shape our dwellings, and then they shape us. Exciting stuff when you think about it, because if our homes are a manifestation of our lives, then we can change our lives or aspects of them, by changing our homes.